Quality Policy

For Clairon Filters the experience and skills acquired can only be achieved by harmonious and constant articulation of information with its relevant stakeholders, from customers to suppliers, as well as employees and partners.

In order for Quality to be a successful agent in producing results, Management defines its Quality Policy according to the following principles:

- Encourage the involvement of our employees through teamwork, training and awareness actions, reinforcing their contribution to the QMS;

- Maintain partnership relationships with good suppliers, taking into account that they have a fundamental role in the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers; 

- Manage the entire production process, conciliating the necessary resources, in order to achieve results of high performance, commitment and quality; 

- Identify, understand and exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders;

- Satisfy the customer with our products and services, complying with the agreed requirements, in view of their loyalty, which is the basis of our success; 

- Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable and adopted by Clairon Filters; 

- Ensure the operation of the QMS in order to comply with the defined quality objectives, always in a perspective of continuous improvement.

These development parameters are structured according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the Quality Policy is supported by a formal communication system, which includes the affixing and dissemination, via email, of the same.


General Quality Objectives:

The management of Clairon Filters determined the following as general objectives of Quality: 

- Responding to the needs of customers and stakeholders; 

- Improve the performance of the products and services provided; 

- Manage production processes efficiently and effectively with a reduction in non-compliant products; 

- Provide skills, abilities and good working conditions to our employees;

- Have an effective QMS. 

Clairon Filters determined that these objectives are measured through the indicators established for the monitoring of each process and are reflected in the Document of Quality Objectives.